Generate Leads through

Automated Assessments

Generate Leads with Assessment in a Box

with a 10 question
maturity quiz

Nurture Leads with Assessment in a Box

to online assessment with
automatic report

Close Leads with Assessment in a Box

Consult with customer using assessment results to close opportunities

Assessment in a Box is a white labeled lead generation solution based on using online assessments. Use your existing marketing automation to send our 10-question Digital Maturity Quiz for Printers, followed by the complete online business assessment that automatically generates a customized report. 

Use our quick 10-question digital maturity quiz. The results engage your customer to take the next step.

Follow-up and offer a free, online self-assessment evaluating their print operations. Results are shared automatically in a custom generated report. 

Use the assessment results to consult with prospect or customer to close opportunities based on their specific needs. 


How Assessment in a Box Works

Marketing Automation 10-question quiz

Use our 10-question digital maturity quiz in your marketing automation platform.

Nurture Assessment in a Box Leads

Nurture leads to take online business assessment and receive custom report.

Consult with Assessment in a Box

Set a consultative meeting to review gaps, bottlenecks, and opportunities.

Close the Sale with Assessment in a Box

Close the sale by being the expert on their print operations.

Why Our Team?

Pat McGrew

Ryan McAbee

Each Assessment in a Box program is based on proven processes and decades of experience within the production printing industry.

Our team has performed assessments across a diverse set of PSPs from small to large, geographic locales, and across industry segments.

Let Our Team be Your Consultants

Rely on our team to be your go-to independent consultants for business process assessments for production printing. Not only do we have over 6 decades of combined industry experience, but we have performed assessments in a variety of printing environments.

We have and can provide virtual or on-site business assessments based on a proven methodology and process.


  • Augment your existing consultants
  • Provide independent, unbiased perspectives
  • Improve response times for customer engagements

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