Your print shop isn’t static. It evolves with a constant flow of customers, staff, equipment, print applications and technologies to power it all. But have your processes kept up? Are you as automated as you should be?

An assessment provides an objective evaluation of your business by taking a close look at the people, processes, and technology that empower it. It’s working on your business, not in your business.


Employees feel burdened with repetitive and boring tasks that can be easily automated!


Challenge is dealing with a
high number of jobs.


Information is unstructured (making it more difficult to manage and automate)

What is Assessment in a Box?

Assessment in a Box is a complete self-assessment solution to improve your production print operations developed by experienced industry veterans.

Inside the box:

  • Business Automation Workbook to capture your people, processes, and technology critical to your operations.
  • Path to Profit Poster to visualize and compare common end-to-end workflow processes in production printing.
  • Video Guides — over 10 videos developed to guide you during the self-assessment through how-to’s, helpful tips, and industry best practices.

How Assessment in a Box Works

Assessment in a Box Step 1

Review the introduction to your
Paths to More Profits workbook and poster.

Assessment in a Box Step 2

Watch over 10 video guides for instructions, tips, and best practices.

Assessment in a Box Step 3

Complete the workbook.

Assessment in a Box Step 4

Create a map or diagram of your business processes.

Assessment in a Box Step 5

Identify gaps, bottlenecks, and opportunities.

Assessment in a Box Step 6

Implement your improvement plan.

Pricing & Packages for Print Service Providers

Virtual Assessment

Best for Small PSPs
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  • Everything in Self-assessment, plus…
  • Project kickoff call
  • Comprehensive web survey for all employees.
  • Information review and analysis by experienced industry veterans.
  • Remote support to assist in completing the assessment.
  • Presentation and discussion of findings, areas needing attention, and suggested improvements to make.
  • Post-assessment call at 4-week mark for further guidance and Q&A

On-site Assessment

Best for Complex or Multi-site PSPs
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  • Everything in Self and Virtual Assesment, plus…
  • In-person visits by industry expert(s) to walk your workflow together for your most critical print applications. This validates and expands what was gathered in the discovery and data collection phases.
  • On-site workshop with key staff to review the findings, identify the top areas needing attention, propose improvements, and help you develop a process improvement plan.

Who’s it for?

Print Service Providers

Production print service providers face many challenges including: supply chain challenges, increasing prices for nearly everything, labor shortages, margin pressures, and technology shifts, just to name a few.

To be competitive, PSPs must hyper focus on their business operations to be effective and efficient. An assessment focuses on business processes with an eye toward streamlining and automation. The outcome is an optimized production environment where process, people, and technology complement each other to move the business forward.

Industry Associations

Your members are in the trenches of running their businesses, producing print, and delighting their customers. Too often the customer’s satisfaction is due to the heroics of staff who rally despite the chaos of the existing business processes and convoluted workflows.

Partner with our team to build a foundation of better processes for your members to succeed in today’s production printing industry.

Ryan McAbee

Ryan McAbee

Principal at Pixel Dot Consulting

Part of The Print University and the principal at Pixel Dot Consulting, bringing a technology focus and 20+ years of experience in the production printing industry.

Pat McGrew

Pat McGrew

Principal at McGrew Group

Part of The Print University and the Managing Director at McGrewGroup, uses her decades technical and marketing experience to lead the industry toward optimized business processes and production workflows.